Why should I Pre-Plan/Pre-Arrange my Funeral?

If your funeral is pre-planned or pre-arranged then we carry your exact wishes as you wanted them. It also helps reduce the hardship experienced by the family and friends. It is a more difficult task to carry out when under stress and grief and your mind isn't functioning the same, especially if you're close to the loved one. It alleviates a lot of the worry from those left behind.


How much money do I need?

Funerals can be pre-arranged with or without payments in advance. If you do not have the money you can still make all the necessary arrangements with our helpful staff. Your confidential files will be left with us. However, a payment plan can be set up that meets your budget.


Does Slade's Funeral Home have a set procedure for planning ahead?

Yes. We have a pre-arranging procedure which is easily understood and versatile to meet the wishes of any family. Your first step would be to contact Slade's funeral Homes and discuss these services with us. We can make an appointment that convenient for you and your family in the comfort of your home if you wish.


When I Pre-Arrange my Funeral, What happens to the money that I give your
Funeral Home?

Your money is deposited into a Trust Fund as a local Financial Institution with your name and ours attached to it. Your money can easily be accessed by you should you need to cancel your pre-arrangement or our Funeral Home can access it only at the time of your death.

It is our commitment to serve families with exceptional and meaningful funeral services with personal professional and dignified service that displays warmth and compassion. We provide a warm homelike atmosphere in which to gently support those needing our services at a very difficult time in their lives.


Once again you have been there for us, through the years being such a comfort to us - knowing we can depend on you for anything or everything. Thanks could never be enough or no words could express the appreciation we have for all of you. Thank you all so much for your comfort, kindness, and support through another difficult time.

The Dwyer, White, & Kavanagh Families


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