These are semi-precious metals and come in 48oz and 32oz /sq ft. These are high end caskets and naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. These come with a locking mechanism with a one piece rubber gasket to completely seal the top.


A metal casket is also sometimes referred to as a "protective casket" because of its sealing feature. When closing the casket a locking mechanism tightens the lids in place where there is a one-piece rubber gasket that lines the inner lid and seals together when closed. This protective seal protects the deceased from the entrance of air and other gravesite elements. Metal caskets come in many different colors and styles, offering a variety of prices.


Woods are constructed using many different types of hard wood, soft wood and wood veneer construction. Different color treatment with lustrous satin finishes, curved corners, round corners and square corners. Handles are made of wood or metal, swing bar or stationary handles. Interiors are made of crepe and satin interiors.


One of the oldest forms of memorialization is arrangement and placing of flowers around the deceased. Flowers are a expression of love, sympathy, and respect. They are a means of "...Sharing...The Burden..." 

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When the untimely passing of a loved one occurs family members have to make decisions in choosing the urn to hold the remains of their loved one in after cremation. Slade’s Funeral Home can offer a variety of urns that are different in shape, size, and color. The urns can be made of wood, granite, marble, steel, precious metals, and earthen ware.


Always in my Heart cremation keepsakes are crafted from with care from high grade 316 surgical stainless steel. They are resistant to corrosion and will never tarnish, making them the perfect keepsake to remember someone special.

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Slade’s Funeral Home sells the highest quality and workmanship on monuments from one of the oldest and largest monument companies in Atlantic Canada. We can offer you a wide range of unique monuments and markers to help you commemorate those you love in a personalized fashion. The monuments come in a elaborate variety of colors, shapes, designs and styles. You can choose what type of material for your monument it can be either granite, marble or bronze. 

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It is our commitment to serve families with exceptional and meaningful funeral services with personal professional and dignified service that displays warmth and compassion. We provide a warm homelike atmosphere in which to gently support those needing our services at a very difficult time in their lives.


Once again you have been there for us, through the years being such a comfort to us - knowing we can depend on you for anything or everything. Thanks could never be enough or no words could express the appreciation we have for all of you. Thank you all so much for your comfort, kindness, and support through another difficult time.

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